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Guiding You Through The Homebuying Process

Buying a home is both a wonderful opportunity and a responsibility.

As a homeowner, you can paint your walls in your favorite colors, decorate the way you like, plant trees and landscape, but most importantly gain equity.

Before making your decision to purchase a home, you should be educated and prepared for the associated responsibilities.

For over 3 decades the experts at Gushue Real Estate have been successfully guiding their clients through the home-buying process, sharing their knowledge, providing helpful steps and resources along the way.

Helpful resources for first time homebuyers:

  • Use a Mortgage Calculator to determine what your monthly mortgage payments would be if you purchased a home today.
  • Find out your monthly housing costs including taxes, insurance, and homeowner association fees.
  • Determine what you will be paying in closing costs. In addition to taxes, insurance homeowner association fees these costs may include loan origination fees charged by the lender, title search and settlement fees.
  • Look at your budget. Often times, clients pre-qualify for more than they are comfortable paying for their home. We will help you determine a favorable price that suits your budget, and provide professional guidance along the way.
  • Let us counsel you on the current real estate climate. We can let you know trends in the market and based on them, advise you whether prices will rise or fall, or if the market evens out.
  • Examine your credit. Obtain a free annual credit report and carefully examine it for any errors or unresolved issues. If you find mistakes, contact each of the credit-reporting bureaus and make sure they are corrected. It is also a good idea to obtain your FICO score. Having excellent credit is vital to your getting financing and approval for your home ownership plans.
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  • Get your documents together. Have W2s, pay stubs, bank statements and taxes for the past two years in a safe, convenient place and ready to present to a lender.
  • Find lenders and get pre-approved. When you are house hunting, being pre-approved by a mortgage lender gives you a position of strength. Let us help you by providing reputable resources.